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Cambli Group concludes strategic partnerships with two laboratories to manufacture its antiseptic gel

Cambli Group announced today that it has concluded agreements with two Quebec laboratories for the manufacture of antiseptic gel.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, July 6, 2020 – Cambli Group announced today that it has concluded agreements with two Quebec laboratories for the manufacture of antiseptic gel. Cambli Group’s new Exora Solutions division, launched in June 2020, manufactures and distributes sanitizing equipment and disinfection agents to meet the sanitation needs of businesses.

Cambli Group recently began marketing Exora, an antiseptic gel dispenser that provides its owners with a priority supply of gel. The businesses that purchase Exora dispensers rely on this supply, which creates recurring demand for gel, in addition to demand for the bottled products in the Exora range.

The Group therefore opted for a business model based on strategic partnerships to ensure a successful commercialization and to reduce the risks related to holding inventories of antiseptic gel. It approached Quebec laboratories with the expertise and facilities to produce gels meeting high standards of quality. Two well-established Quebec laboratories, Galenova and Dermolab Pharma, have earned a reputation for credibility, rigour and expertise with their pharmaceutical and skincare products. Both were already familiar with Health Canada’s criteria and recognized by it, which made it possible to accelerate the gel-formula approval process. Manufacturing agreements were concluded between Cambli Group and the two laboratories in June 2020.

“We quickly recognized the strategic value of Galenova and Dermolab Pharma. It was important for us to offer a superior product made in Quebec, so these two players were the ideal partners to sustain the growth of our Exora Solutions division,” explained Véronique Tougas, President of Cambli Group.

“We’re proud to be associated with Cambli Group, which clearly takes a high-quality pharmaceutical approach to the manufacture of disinfectants,” said Jean-Philippe Gentès, President of Galenova. “Cambli Group’s products and values are a natural fit with the values we hold and the products we design.”

“Exora Solutions offers a range of carefully developed sanitary solutions to make life easier for businesses. Our two teams want to put their expertise to work for organizations that have had to cope with a new reality since the pandemic began,” said Robert P. Boisvert, President of Dermolab Pharma. “We’re excited about the idea of this partnership, which proves that Quebec can offer unique, innovative solutions.”