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Sanitizing solutions made easy

Ensures the safety and health
of your staff

Provides an eco-friendly solution –
no water, paper or electricity

Restores the pre-covid customer experience by minimizing lineups

Kills harmful

in Quebec

on hands

Cost control

The Exora station dispenses optimal and equal amounts of gel.

Robust construction

Fabricated from strong materials in our Quebec plants, and covered by a 12-month warranty.

Automatic operation

Easy to clean, requiring minimal care on your part.

Efficient handling thanks to our refill packs

Uses a convenient, economical 1-litre format of gel (1,100 doses).

Contact us to get
your antiseptic gel supply on a priority basis.

Exora station owners can take advantage of a simplified management of hand sanitizer supplies across Canada thanks to our partnership with Van Houtte Coffee Services as exclusive distributor.

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Our hassle-free disinfecting solution includes bottled hand sanitizing products.

Antiseptic GEL
Fragrance free

Made in Quebec

Kills harmful

Disinfects instantly
Dries quickly with no sticky residue
Gentle on hands
Made in dermatological laboratory
No alcohol smell
NPN: 80098044